How Does a Tattoo Machine Work?

Tattoo is a permanent marking or temporary marking of design on your skin with the indelible ink. Generally, tattoos are created by using tattoo machines, which is a hand-held device. For a tattoo artist, it is necessary and important to know what are the equipments are required to make a prefect tattoo.

Tattoo machines are of two types of machines available namely Rotary tattoo machines and Coil tattoo machines. Both of these machines operate in a different way but the outcome is the same, as it moves needles in and out to deposit ink on the clients’ skin with each insertion. Basically, there are two needles in the tattoo machines. The two needles are Liners and Shaders and the liner needles made in the round configuration by grouping needles in various types of quantities. These needles are tightened so that the ends are very slam together. Shader needles are also programmed in a circle patterns but there are some other minor variations in this needle. The individual needles are grouped together and soldered to form the tattoo needle, then the needle is soldered to form a needle bar. In the end, the needle is fitted into the machine as a part to create up and down to make a tattoo. The needle bar will be placed on the tube, stainless steel, and a plastic device that helps to act as a handgrip for the tattoo machine. The thickness of the Nickel decides the penetration of the needles into your skin. To design in their own style, tattoo artists use different needle combinations and for more details you can read here.

Rotary, Coil tattoo machine

Rotary, Coil tattoo machine

Rotary tattoo machine works based on rotary technology. This type of machine works by using the small electric motor to operate the needles. The needle is directly connected to the electric motor which helps to move. It rotates in a clockwise direction, needle bar attached to it in a linear fashion, moving it up and down so that tattoo needles move in and out of the skin in a smooth way. With some updates in this rotary type, it uses an armature bar to increase the efficiency of a rotary machine. Find out some of the Best rotary tattoo machines as follows.

  1. Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine- One of the best brands to consider. You feel more comfortable while handling this because it weighs only 6.17 ounces. This machine gives you a more accurate design of what you needed.
  2. Dragonhawk Essence Pen Style Rotary Tattoo Machine- if a person is looking for the budget-conscious tattoo machine, it is the better option for you. It will be comforted even if you hold for a long time because of the lightweight, it doesn’t make sound and also compatible with all needles. Performance is above average, because of the popular can choose this instead of other alternatives.
  3. Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine- If you are looking for versatility, it is the better option because you can adjust needles. Less weight, machine lasts for the long term, minimum vibration.
  4. Dragonhawk Raven Rotary Tattoo Machine- It is easy to control for experienced users, with a weight of 88 grams the lightest of all. It accommodates a wider range of needles sizes and soft & hard-hit line adjustments are so easy in this machine.
  5. Dragonhawk Mast Tour Pen Style Short Rotary Tattoo Machine- Even it is small, it acts so powerful and lasts for almost 3000 hours. The special feature is LED light comes along with the machine.
  6. Hommii Professional Alloy Rotary Tattoo Machine- Easy to hold for a long time, weights 150 grams. Machine-made of aluminum alloy which gives you a better tattoo. There will be no vibration and the price of this machine is cheap.

The most commonly used tattoo machine is a coil tattoo machine. This type of machine uses an electromagnetic current which passes through a pair of coils to shift a frame bar, which excluded needle cluster inject the ink into the skin. The armature bar essentially taps the attached needles into the skin with the release of springs. Coil type tattoo machines consist of many variations from the single-coiled machines to the triple-coiled tattoo machines. Among these variations, dual-coil tattoo machine is the standard one which ranges from eight to ten wrap. It is made in different sizes and shapes. It makes murmuring sound that many people associated with tattoo shops.

Should you Use Soap On a Tattoo You Just Got?

You finally hook yourself up with that cool tattoo, but now what? You don’t know how to treat the thing and its your first tattoo. Try to recall what the tattoo artist said and forgot most of it. Clothing seems to pop up. The only idea you can think of for treating the tattoo is using soap. You think that will be enough to last the next 5 weeks of tattoo torture. But, are you right? Despite your off way of thinking, you are very right in washing your tattoo with soap. Nothing you need to sweat about tonight. Soap helps the tattoo skin heal faster then normal. Your skin also gets its bad blood cleaned out. You can use the best soap for tattoos to get  better performance. Use soap and water to clean your tattoo. There is more to it then that. Look below to see.

Should you Use Soap On a Tattoo You Just Got

Choose Soap With the Right Ingredients

You can’t choose any soap you see on the rack. Most of the soaps you see int eh store, have ingredients that can cause your tattoo to have more problems. They can give your tattoo a deeper burning or make the tattoo bleed out more. Not something you want to deal with. Try using the best soap for tattoos that has certain ingredients. The ingredients need to include unscented and no alcohol. Alcohol is causes a very bad burn to tattoos. This makes it ten times harder for the tattoo to heal. Unscented is good because it doesn’t infect the tattoos with a smell chemical. Your tattoos need the purist chemicals it can get for clean up. It needs to be cleaned thoroughly and added with nothing extra.

Use Liquid Soap for an Alternative

Not interested and using bar soap, then use anti-bacterial liquid soap. The soap will be easier to store and put on your tattoo. You can also wash your body faster with liquid soap. The liquid soap work just as good as the bar soap on tattoos. You will get the same treatment, but a different experience. Make sure liquid soap comes in unscented and alcohol free. The soap moisturizes and heals tattoo vibrantly.

Rub Soap On Tattoo Area With Hands Only

Use your hands to put on the soap. I know you want to use that rag in the shower. But, do not use it. It will make the tattoo worse and cause it to swell up more. Your tattoo needs the best material to wipe against its surface. Your human skin seems to be the best material according to recent scientific tests. Always use your hand, when putting on water or soap to the tattoo area. Focus on the active ink, blood, or tattoo build up area to get the main part of the tattoo cleaned. Be gently with your rubbing. Do all these things and you should be fine.

You also need to use warm or cold water with tattoo skin. Hot water tends to make the tattoo bleed more and cause more pain on the inside of the tattoo skin. Make sure the tattoo is cleaned with cold or warm water only.

The Way you Should Wash And Dry hair

The best natural shampoo and conditioners for men should be used in a proper way. How you wash your hair is not as simple as putting soap on it and then rinse. You got to use the method that works for your hair type. All men are not created equal. Each one has a specific hair type that needs a specific method for washing. Your probably rolling your eyes right now if you are a do it yourself guy. Its ok and I think I know everything too when I wash. But, what if I was wrong and there was a way to make it look like it came out the hair saloon for free. The only way your going to know that is if you see what I have to say below. Go ahead and take a look.

How Often Should I Wash My Hair

That is very interesting to ask and I can tell you now that it depends on your hair type. We all have different layers of texture and hair length. Some textures require us to wash our hair more then once a week. Others, require us to wash our hair once every two weeks. It is connected to how wet your hair is naturally. People who have hair that is oily or tend to be very smooth, need to wash their hair every 3 to 4 days. People who have really dry hair, need to wash their hair once a week or two. Is this making sense? If not, you pretty much need to base your frequency for washing hair on how smooth your hair is. To make it simple, if your hair smells fast then you need to wash it in a couple days. I hope you get the message.

How to Use Shampoo

There is a way to make the shampoo more effective for your hair. The best natural shampoo and conditioners for men can not give you the full effect if you don’t follow this method. When your in the shower, put water in your hair. Next, put some shampoo in your hair and rub. Spend about 1 to 2 minutes scrubbing your hair with the shampoo soap. Make sure to get the scrub to the sides, front, back, and top of your head. Cover the whole area. After the 2 minutes, rinse your hair out with water and your done. This method is important because your scalp needs to be massed to get the blood flowing and keep your hair looking its best. Remember, you only scrub for 2 to 3 minutes. Don’t spend too long scrubbing your hair. I know it feels good but you can also cause more harm for going to far with the scrubbing.

How to use Conditioner

Conditioner is really simple to use. Put it on your hair and leave it there for a 10 minutes or so. Let the chemicals burn off everything that is bad for your hair. After you get threw washing your legs and arms, rinse the hair out. That should give you a proper clean for your hair. It will make the conditioner more effective and prevent you from getting stuff stuck in your head. The little flaky stuff.

Choose a Mug That Makes Your Business Look Professional

It would be nice to have a coffee mug for your company that you really want. One with good quality and purpose. One with a good focus on the company’s brand and standards. Well, its your company and you built it. It can be made in anyway you choose. You could make funny coffee mugs to get people to be energetic and enthusiastic. You could make very plain and business related coffee mugs to get people to focus on the work tasks. Try a motivational coffee mug to fit a slogan you want your co-workers to follow. The style you choose to make your coffee mug is in your hands. Here are a few ideas from us to help you choose a coffee type to make your company look good or look strange in a good way.

The Simple Coffee Mug

Yes, go get the simple coffee cup with a your company brand. Get a simple color for the cup like blue, white, black, brown, or green. It will look nice in your personal office. Everyone will know what the company name looks like and know about the company. Your company will be all over the place because of its simple look. People will understand that working for the company means you get a company mug. People who ask about the mug will be directed to your company. Its a good marketing strategy to get buyers and people to invest in you. Simple coffee mugs get the most attention. Everybody likes coffee too, so people are bound to notice your logo.

The unconventional Coffee Mug

The unconventional coffee mug for people trying to push something new. Its like getting fortune cookies and expecting something strange in the cookie. Make a coffee mug that doesn’t look like a regular coffee mug. Make it different in some way. You could have funny coffee mugs that say funny things. They can have people laughing or leave people confused. Laughter at work is something very unconventional. If people ask why they are written on the company mug, tell them its part of your new motivation plan. Crazy things motivates some to achieve more and more.

The Eccentric Coffee mug

Bring some philosophy to your employees and yourself by making coffee mugs that say things very strange. The unconventional mug takes it a little far. This mug type takes it deeper. Put things on your mug that goes against what people say if its popular or not popular. You got to follow your own beliefs. Strive to make the employees do the same with a eccentric coffee mug. It can be any color and be made with any material. Make the cup have sparkles too if you want. The goal is to make a cup that takes them out of popular opinion to follow your beliefs. Beliefs are right. Beliefs are wrong. But, you got to believe in something to move something around. If you strongly believe in something, you should put it on your coffee cup to tell people who business with you about it. Don’t be afraid to be your own person.

Train Stop.

My mom told me a really great life analogy the other day that has stuck with me.  Life is like a train journey.  Miles and miles of winding roads, through different seasons and scenery with stops in between.  During those stops, you hop off, explore the area, make new relationships, create new memories, experience change, and then hop on the train as you wind your way to your next stop.

Life is ever-evolving.  The only thing constant, as they say, is change.  Right now, my life feels like it is on the cusp of a nice change.  After a year of job searching, house searching, new area searching, friend searching, role searching (which, when all combined, equates to soul searching), I feel like I’m about to get off the train and stay for a while.

I’ve been gone for a while and I’m not going to lie when I contemplated deleting this little ole blog of mine.  That time may come, but I’m not quite ready.  I started this blog almost 3 years ago as a way to hold myself accountable after my weight loss.  In the past three years, I’ve grown and matured, and the blog has followed me through those stages and turned into a space for me to share myself in more ways than health while creating relationships with those who also were looking for a little piece of friendship, so I thank you for that.

So, I’m just popping in to say that I am not ready to quit this fun hobby of mine and to let you all know a few fun things we have been up to lately:

We built a raised bed garden!

My best friend had a precious baby girl!

I’ve been cycling more often and loving the area where we live!

I roasted a whole chicken (a new culinary achievement for me).

I have a new favorite smoothie combo: {1 banana, 1 tbsp of sunflower seed butter, almond milk, diet hot chocolate mix, 2 tbsp of PB2, handful of ice}


Nick and I have been enjoying all Greenville has to offer!


And obviously loving this girl way too much:


I hope to come back soon with a garden post.  We are so happy and proud of the work we put into it and hope it produces some good stuff.  In the meantime, I just wanted to say thank you for waiting for me!  I know I’ve been sporadic the past few months, but I really would love to come back and spend some time with you all.





I really believe in celebrating small achievements.  I think that finding pride in small actions lead to big changes or accomplishments.  Here are a few small things I’ve achieved lately:

**Incorporating more veggies into my daily diet.  If I don’t make a conscious effort to eat more vegetables daily, I can go days without them.  Lately, I’ve been drinking more green smoothies, adding tomatoes and avocados to my egg sandwiches, and even made kale chips the other night for dinner.

I seasoned them with olive oil spray, nutritional yeast, and garlic salt and baked them at 400 degrees for 8 minutes, flipping them halfway through.


One day, I sautéed spinach and tomatoes and topped the mixture with goat cheese.  That was an easy way to make sure I was getting a good amount of vegetables in.


And I can’t get enough avocados lately.  I love them on…everything.


**Eating at home—Nick and I have really been good lately at not eating out.  When we lived in our apartment, we ate out at least 2-3 times a week, if not more.  Now, we rarely ever eat out and it has become the norm.  It saves us a lot of money and we enjoy eating home cooked meals.  Now, when we do eat out, it is a treat and more enjoyable.

I would love to say working out has been an achievement, but I’ve been so busy lately that I’m physically exhausted 90% of the time.  This week, I plan on changing that and making daily activity something I want to achieve.  Even if it is something as small as a 15 minute walk, I know I will feel better emotionally if I do it.

What is something small you have achieved lately?

Happy March!

Well, it seems as though I may have dropped the ball the past week and a half.  Juggling a new schedule has gotten the best of me and I’m sorry to have been away.  I wanted to pop in and say everything is great, busy at times, but great nonetheless.

I’m not sure where I see the blog going in the near future as I continue to navigate this new schedule, but know that I will stop in and say hello or let you know if a break is needed.

Until next time, I hope you find time each day to find joy in the simple things.  Life goes by too fast and we have so many obligations to not let our hair down once in a while.  Winking smile

Soby’s Brunch

Today was a wonderful day.  It was my birthday—25 years old, and if today is any indication of how my 25th year will go, I am excited to bring it on.  I told Nick earlier that all I wanted to do for my birthday was to go to brunch in downtown Greenville.  With some researching, we decided on Soby’s as our best bet.

I got all guzzied up in my brunch finest which included 2 new Target purchases that I am in love with: a colorful blouse + a really cute big necklace.

Nick and I planned ahead and new that we wanted to taste everything so that’s what we did.  I had a little bit of most items offered in the buffet style brunch:


My favorites included the ham & cheddar quiche, the French toast, the cheddar grits, and the build your own Mimosa that I happily indulged in:

Nick and I both agreed that Soby’s Sunday brunch is a must for Greenville visitors!

The rest of my birthday was spent relaxing on the couch, playing with Kona, and grocery shopping.  The ease of the day was exactly what I wanted and I felt so much love pouring in from family and friends all day.

Cheer’s to being 1/4 of  a century old! Winking smile

As of late…

As of late, I have become addicted to Downton Abbey.  After realizing I could stream seasons 1 & 2 from Amazon prime, I gave it a go and have recently had an increasing desire to drink tea, started referring to Nick as “his Lordship”, and randomly had outbursts where I talk in a British accent.


As of late, Nick and I have decided that we have not earned our true Greenville-citizen status since we haven’t explored the restaurant scene of Greenville nearly enough.  Last weekend, we tried out Nose Dive and was extremely impressed with the selection and quality of food.

I got the white bean burger as described above.  The bean burger was definitely delicious, but the sweet potato fries STOLE the show.  They were crispy and sweet/salty which I love.


As of late, we are still obsessed with Kona in every way possible so here are some of my favorite recent pictures of this spoiled rotten dog:



REV3 SC Olympic Distance Triathlon

When I first started doing triathlons back in 2011, one of my long time goals was to do an Olympic distance triathlon: 0.9 mile swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run.


I didn’t do any triathlons in 2012 Sad smile  which means that I am more than ready to get back into the sport.  Signing up for races is extremely motivating for me.  Last night, on a whim, I decided that I really wanted this year to be the year that I did an Olympic distance tri so I decided to bite the bullet and register for one.

Since this race is so important to me, I wanted to go big or go home so I settled on the REV3 Olympic Race in Anderson, SC.

The more I read about the race and the company, the more I became excited.  REV3 (REVOLUTION3) is an up and coming triathlon race event coordinator  who envisions triathlons as an event to bring together family and friends to celebrate being active.  With major sponsors like PEARL iZUMI, Headsweats, PowerBar, and more, this race is definitely one to be a part of.  I also found it really amazing that Pilot and Flying J created a partnership with REV3 to sponsor truck drivers in different races in an effort to promote healthy living in an occupation where more than 50% of individuals are overweight.  AMAZING!


The race isn’t until mid-October, so I definitely plan on doing 1 or 2 sprints during the summer to get ready.  Since we live in such a running, cycling, and triathlon focused area, I can’t wait to dive headfirst into training.  I need to build a solid running and cycling base until our neighborhood pool opens at which time I will start to incorporate swimming into my training.


I feel like I lost a bit of my identity last year not doing as many races.I absolutely LOVE them, so I am excited to gain back that sense of pride that I feel from training and racing.  I also really enjoyed doing races with Nick, and it was a fun hobby that we shared together as a couple.  Since the date of the race is close to our 1 year wedding anniversary, Nick may do it too as a celebration.  Since we got engaged at a duathlon, we might as well celebrate our anniversary with a triathlon!!!  On that note, the pup and I are heading out for a run!!