As of late…

As of late, I have become addicted to Downton Abbey.  After realizing I could stream seasons 1 & 2 from Amazon prime, I gave it a go and have recently had an increasing desire to drink tea, started referring to Nick as “his Lordship”, and randomly had outbursts where I talk in a British accent.


As of late, Nick and I have decided that we have not earned our true Greenville-citizen status since we haven’t explored the restaurant scene of Greenville nearly enough.  Last weekend, we tried out Nose Dive and was extremely impressed with the selection and quality of food.

I got the white bean burger as described above.  The bean burger was definitely delicious, but the sweet potato fries STOLE the show.  They were crispy and sweet/salty which I love.


As of late, we are still obsessed with Kona in every way possible so here are some of my favorite recent pictures of this spoiled rotten dog:



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