Affirmations to align you with The Law of Attraction

Using Affirmations to become aligned with the Law of Attraction. What is an affirmation? In my opinion an affirmation is a sentence with a goal attached. For e.g. I want to write and publish books someday in the future. When I am in alignment with my higher self I will repeat the affirmations of “I am”. I am a best selling author. I am surrounded by success in my writing career. I am a fantastic writer. I am constantly finding jobs and opportunities as a writer.

Affirmations have lots of different uses, creating financial independence, confidence, love etc.. The most important thing to remember when using affirmations is that you don’t have to have what your affirming. Some people ask me in my coaching session “How can I say I am a successful business woman as an affirmation when I am not a successful business woman”. I asked her if she wanted to be a successful business woman to which she replied of course. You do not have to believe you are the affirmation when you say it. I am not a successful author right now but I know I can be. If I repeated the affirmation I am a successful author 20 times a day every day my mind will begin to believe it.

If you keep affirming what you want in the present tense. I am Rich, I am Successful, I am Happy, I am healthy. The Law of Attractions hears it and it delivers. That is Law. The Law of Attraction is always listening, always responding and always delivering. It might take 3 months or it might take 3 years but if you keep repeating these affirmations the universe will deliver. The Law of Attraction is a universal law and it is always at play.

So where does The Law of Attraction come into it?

So what kind of affirmations do I use? You can create, be and have anything you want in this world. No dream is too big for the Universe. You want to be a millionaire then keep affirming it and the law of attraction will deliver. Where most people go wrong with the Law of Attraction is not because the universe isn’t delivering. It’s because the universe hasn’t delivered it in the time frame they wanted and so they give up. The Law of Attraction needs persistence, it needs you to believe that whatever you desire is on it’s way. Do not give up because you feel it’s not working. It is a universal law always at play and if you give up believing in it, it will give up trying to deliver your asks.

Law Of Attraction Affirmations

Law of Attraction affirmations

Keep persevering with your affirmations and I promise you the universe will deliver. It is law. Wishing you all the best on your spiritual path to manifesting the life of your dreams. Below is a book of 10,000+ positive affirmations.

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Lots of love Katie xx

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