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My first introduction with the Law of Attraction

My name is Katie Woods and I am addicted to anything that involves the Law Of Attraction. I’m currently 26 years of age. I was first introduced to the law of attraction at 14 years old. As most know I’ve suffered with mental illness since I was 11 years old. I wasn’t mental, I didn’t look like a crazy person. I was a quiet kid, with incredibly sad eyes and a strong desire to remove myself from this world.

The Law of Attraction book that accompanied me to the UK

I’m sure you’ve all seen the memes and heard the running jokes of treating depression by telling someone to just be positive right? Right. Well my story with the law of attraction is a bit like that. My dad is a glass half full type of guy. He’s positive. He’s optimistic and he’s done a shit load of team building exercises where you walk on hot coals because mind over matter etc. I remember it so clearly too. He was dropping me home and he said wait one sec. I picked someone up for you and he reached around to grab the Eason’s Bag. Inside it was a small blue book titled “The Secret to Teen Power’’.

I rolled my eyes at my dad as if to say are you for real before saying thank you. There was such good intention with my little present but my mental state wouldn’t allow anything positive to sink in. I skimmed through the book that night and then threw it somewhere in my walking wardrobe. I had already decided living wasn’t for me and very little would be able to change my mind. Certainly not a book.

Two years later and I was being sent off to a psychiatric unit in the UK. There were very little belongings I was allowed in this new elaborate prison but books were okay. That book was one of my most sentimental items going with me to the UK. I may not have read it but every single day I would hold it close to my chest and pray for a miracle. I was aware of what the law of attraction was, I was just too stubborn to accept it.

It was probably another 3 years before I was ready to dive into the world of the Law Of Attraction. I completely submerged myself in Rhonda Byrne’s Work with The Secret. If there is any book I recommend everyone read once in their lifetime it’s this book. If you are ready for it it can completely change the way you look at the world. 

The Law Of Attractions has a simple principle. Like attracts Like.

Law of Attraction

Every moment of our lives the Law of Attraction is at play. When we receive a bill in the post and panic about finance the Law of Attraction is at play. When we say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed the Law of Attraction is at play. The Law of Attraction is always present. It never turns off so when we speak for twenty minutes about how crap our health is, the Law of Attraction delivers more of that. As human beings we tend to spend more time focused on what we don’t want then we do focused on what we want. 

We don’t want more bills, we don’t want financial limitation, we don’t want to be worried about money. Then we consume ourselves in that lack mentality of “I don’t have this and I don’t have that” and the Law of Attraction delivers more of that. It is the law. 

Law of Attraction Affirmations

I have immersed myself in every Law of Attraction book there is, so I am going to do a post later today on the books providing the most concise aspects of the Law of Attraction. To learn more about The Law Of Attraction I recommend watching these two content creators on YouTube.

Bob Proctor

Jerry and Esther Hicks with Abraham

The Law Of Attraction

You can find affirmations here to help you get in alignment with the Law Of Attraction.

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