Train Stop.

My mom told me a really great life analogy the other day that has stuck with me.  Life is like a train journey.  Miles and miles of winding roads, through different seasons and scenery with stops in between.  During those stops, you hop off, explore the area, make new relationships, create new memories, experience change, and then hop on the train as you wind your way to your next stop.

Life is ever-evolving.  The only thing constant, as they say, is change.  Right now, my life feels like it is on the cusp of a nice change.  After a year of job searching, house searching, new area searching, friend searching, role searching (which, when all combined, equates to soul searching), I feel like I’m about to get off the train and stay for a while.

I’ve been gone for a while and I’m not going to lie when I contemplated deleting this little ole blog of mine.  That time may come, but I’m not quite ready.  I started this blog almost 3 years ago as a way to hold myself accountable after my weight loss.  In the past three years, I’ve grown and matured, and the blog has followed me through those stages and turned into a space for me to share myself in more ways than health while creating relationships with those who also were looking for a little piece of friendship, so I thank you for that.

So, I’m just popping in to say that I am not ready to quit this fun hobby of mine and to let you all know a few fun things we have been up to lately:

We built a raised bed garden!

My best friend had a precious baby girl!

I’ve been cycling more often and loving the area where we live!

I roasted a whole chicken (a new culinary achievement for me).

I have a new favorite smoothie combo: {1 banana, 1 tbsp of sunflower seed butter, almond milk, diet hot chocolate mix, 2 tbsp of PB2, handful of ice}


Nick and I have been enjoying all Greenville has to offer!


And obviously loving this girl way too much:


I hope to come back soon with a garden post.  We are so happy and proud of the work we put into it and hope it produces some good stuff.  In the meantime, I just wanted to say thank you for waiting for me!  I know I’ve been sporadic the past few months, but I really would love to come back and spend some time with you all.



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