What Can I Use to Plump My Lips?

In the last few years, so many tools and new fillers are introduced in the market. The people who are so into getting the plump lips are getting permanent ones done and are saying it is the best lip plumper tool. But getting lip fillers done is really scary and also risky.

There are so many other ways to get your lips plump and full. They are effective but give a temporary effect without any risk of scarring your face forever. A slight mistake can make you pay a lot if you use lip fillers.

What Can I Use to Plump My Lips?

Let’s have a look at all the tools that the market has in treasure for you:

Lip fillers

Lip fillers are basically injected into the tissue of the lips. The injections that are used for the lips are specially tailored and used on the lips. Your lips are made numb with the anesthesias before the process, and then the lip augmentation is started.

The widely used substances for lip fillers are Autologen, collagen, dermalogen, alloderm, radiance, etc.;

  • The Autologen Is made with the patient’s skin so that there is no risk of skin allergy with this filler substance. 
  • When you are getting fillers of collagen, you need to get an allergy test because it is extracted from the animal skin. 
  • The dermalogen is extracted from the patient’s skin, and then it is made into a high concentration of collagen. This formula stays for a more extended period than the collagen. 
  • Autoderm is a donor tissue and is used to make the lip sharper. 
  • Radiance can cause severe pain when it is injected into the skin, but it stays for years in the patient’s body, giving fuller lips for a longer time.

Temporary tools

These tools are not permanent and can give you instant results. When you get lip fillers, you need to take recovery time for your lips, but these tools give you instant plumpness and instant application of the products that you wish to use on your plump lips so eagerly.

These are some of the products that are considered under the category of temporary works.

Lip gloss

This lip gloss mainly contains bee venom in them. When you apply this lip gloss, it tingles on your lips and also burns a little. This is the same sensation as when we eat spicy food, and your lips feel slight sensations of burns in them, and your lips also swell a little. The lip gloss plumper is the best lip plumper tool that some girls use daily and get their expected results. The only thing that comes out as a bummer is that these lip glosses start to stop showing the result of plump lips because the antibodies don’t let a foreign substance work after a while.


The lipsticks are the same as the lip gloss plumper. The only difference between them is that the gloss comes with a clear solution and needs to be used directly on the lips to work properly. But the lipsticks can be used directly, and you can also apply a clear gloss onto them, and there wouldn’t be any difference in the result. The plumper lipsticks come in all the different shades, and you can buy them easily from anywhere, any local drug store, or online websites. The online websites provide both fake and original products, so while buying these products, keep in mind to get the originals one because fake ones won’t work, and they can also affect your lips very severely.

What Can I Use to Plump My Lips?

Silicon and electronic suction tools

The suction tools use air pressure on your lips, which turns out and gives us plump lips for up to 3 hours. These tools are the best lip plumper tools when you are going out for dinner or lunch with your family and friends. These tools are made up of hard plastic, silicon tools, and electric ones. The hard plastic ones come in different sizes, and you need to use them with your hands’ help. Using the right size of these tools really gives you the best results.

The silicon tools are soft in touch and never cause any bruises on your lips. You can use the silicone suction tool hands-free once you have created the perfect suction between the tool and your lips. The electronic tool can’t be used without using your hands. You need to hold them up to your lips and use the power which suits you well for good results.


Makeup is the best lip plumper tool that needs no other products that you already have in your makeup kit. Artists are so good at their work they can make so many illusions using the right techniques and makeup. Below we have given the steps for how you can do the fuller lips makeup:

Step 1: Put the foundation over your lips properly. 

Step 2: Now that you have covered your lips slightly over line them. Keep in mind that you are only doing it slightly, so you don’t need to go over the top for this.

Step 3: Apply the same colored lipstick as your liner.

Step 4: Apply a slightly lighter shade of lipstick on your inner lips.

Finish your plump lips look with your favorite highlighter on your cupid’s bow and Voila! You just created the best look possible.

Natural ways

There are natural ways to keep your lips plump and nice. You don’t need artificially made tools that say they are the best lip plumper tool when you have your natural remedies with you. The trick to keep your lips and skin plump you need to take care of your hydration really well and keep your lips exfoliated two times a week would be good. 

Girls mostly prefer natural ways because they don’t harm your skin or skin tissue in any way, but it actually gives it the immunity to be strong and heal easily if there is any injury or disease on the skin.